Another Gem..

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After listening to a rather long rant in a losing BG, I came into a little bit of “Troll” fever, and decided to just sit at a node and talk sh*t about someone who was incessantly talking sh*t.

I came across these gems. The opener.

Now in between, I may, or may not have said the following.

And the closer.

As I’m typing this, I realize that even for me, that’s a pretty low and sh*tty thing to say, but after listening to the guy rage for a long time, I just was tired of listening to it. Also, after reading it fourty times, I think I may actually see what he was TRYING to say, and he may have a point. So – wherever you are Uragenbrahh from the windrunner server – you have my something. I’m not sure what it is. But I’ll think about it.

Keep trucking people. Bring the Ruckus!


45 min arena match.

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This mage and I dueled for 45 mins – I was disc and didn’t have enough dps to kill him with his CC – he was out of mana the whole time and I kept trying to ress, but his blink and instants got me every time.

I finally got a ress off on my teammate, and healed him up. Then the game ended.

Check this out.

45 mins and I LOSE points. Why? Check this blue post out.

Wryxian – Blizzard Poster writes…

In order to prevent players from attempting to reach a no decision in Arenas, and to ensure that all Arena matches are completed in a reasonable time frame, a 45 minute time limit has been added to Arena matches. At the end of this time limit if no team has achieved victory, both teams will lose 16 arena rating points. Please be aware that this loss in rating is not currently displaying properly and will instead show as a draw for both teams. This display issue will be addressed in a future update.

Another PST.

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Some people, geesh! I mean I only killed him three or four times. I think he was more mad that he jumped off a cliff and forgot to bubble (paladin) and I levitated down and kicked his hiney. It worked the first time (well at least the landing, kuddos to mind controlling off a cliff. Doh!

Oh well. I bring you this little gem of a whisper.

Did I mention I might have spammed D A P EE BB a couple times?

And bannered.

And campfired.

And /layed down.

Maybe I understand him afterall. *gulp*

On one more side note, yes I do have a horde level one named lolpvplol on whom I occasionally get on to talk to Horde. I had to get on this week because the same prot warrior pwned me (very mildly stated) three days in a row, and I got on just to whisper him that he was awesome and I was sad to see him go because I wanted to get some rematches in.

I later looked at his gear – full 277H with two 264 weapons. I feel better about myself a little 🙂

Funniest PST(s) ever.

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VoA 10 man. In Dalaran. A friend of mine starts a raid then seems to get nervous when people start bossing her around, telling her what to do etc etc. First time to orginize a raid. So I whisper her, and tell her to make me assist and I’ll help out, and walk her through it. Etc etc. Just backdrop. So I post in trade.

/2 WTB 2M dps VOA 10 g2g

And of course, everyone knows its a joke. Well almost all. Except for this guy.

[Haylon] Your fail

At this point, I just place him on ignore (Thank you Blizzard!) because people who make statements I don’t like in the least who don’t know me at all, or pst’s, or people asking for gold who dont know me or or or, well, they get the right click ignore. So I place this guy on ignore. He is a 19 priest, I have NO IDEA who he is. Then since I am a teacher of sorts, I figure I’m going to take him off ignore. I’m going to give you a transcript of what transpires. I was laughing so hard, I barely could concentrate on my VoA 10 to heal.

[Nyatha] I’m taking you off ignore just to point out that it’s “You’re fail,” not “Your fail.” “Your fail” indicates possession, that I possess fail. “You’re fail” Indicates that you ARE fail, as in your ability, personality etc. Insult in proper english next time.

Haylon is now being ignored.


[Valvega] —-in fail –s priest

[Valvega] coward

[Valvega] do you —-in like it

[Valvega] —-in wotlk noob

[Valvega] talking —t from bejind an ignoe list

[Valvega] rso um gg mister grammar teacher

[Valvega] maybe if you tried as hard at wow you would be doing more then voa —-in scrub enjoy Requiem

*Note: I still haven’t said anything – Requiem is my guild I’m in atm. And this is word for word, and spelling, minus me —– out the curse words. *

[Valvega] lol failest guild ever

[Valvega] rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl

Valvega is now on ignore.

[Oakshan] boy you love that ignore list

[Oakshan] for wantin to talk —t

[Oakshan] still on ignore funny huh

Oakshan is now on ignore.

[Buahaha] lol your so fail it funny i bet your mad and you know why you mad cause your bad vcause your in requiem and because a;l you ever do is run voa and 25 icc gg on talkin —t to your better bud enjoy cutting yourself —-in emo anyway wtb non fail priest

Buahaha is now on ignore.

I had tears coming out of my eyes I was laughing so hard. Funny thing is that the others who say WTB actually knew what I was saying (WG timer came up before we could engage first boss) and came along. And this guy never whispered me that I know of. Just saw it in trade and blew up.

For this guy, whoever you are, if I was to submit this to the FAILblog, I would submit it as WIN. And, I guess my /ignore instincts have prooved to be right once again!

On PVP irritation..

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There is a guild on our server that is pretty awesome looking – not that I know anything about what goes on on the inside. They are what in all appearances looks like a very good PVP guild. I wont call their name. Now, I was doing pretty good in pvp, but I laid it down for a couple months. Gear got a bit outdated. New arena season came out. New gear. Triumph emblem gear came out.

In order to join, I have to beat one of their “champions” in a duel. I’m out geared. And I have crappy gear compared to his. But I fight him anyway. The guy is a warrior and has about a 5500 gs in his arena pvp gear, and I have a full disc set, that I swap over into shadow spec and give it a shot. I get him down half way. I go and change out gear to two arena seasons before his gear and fight him again. I get him down to 1/4 health.

At that point I would have talked to myself, and said, wow, if this cat has so much lesser gear than me, but is doing serious damage against me, imagine what he would do in my gear?

But they don’t believe in gearing up folks. I’m a little miffed at them, but whatever. I rerolled alliance, and leveled a druid to 80. I’m gearing it up and am going to go kill the guy. I have his name written down. And when I camp him, I’m going to hop on my priest and tell him you should have let me in, and you wouldn’t have to be going through this. ^^

Ny 😛

Finally, IRONMAN.

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After working my buttocks off for almost 2 years on various different toons, I finally got ironman, on a druid in the fourty bracket. Hizzah!

Ny 😛

900 rating!

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Got 2’s up to 955. 30 matchs – we won more than half but. it. Is. slow. I roll Disc priest/sPriest.